Loungen #2

  • 24 jan 2019 – 27 jan 2019
  • Loungen

Welcome to take part in our second edition of Loungen at Konstnärshuset!

Loungen – supported by SKF (Svenska Konstnärernas förening) an exhibition aiming to show works from young, unestablished artists from different backgrounds (school/city). 

A show organized by artists for artists.


Participating artists:

Adam Ytterberg

Anna Kilander

Ann-Catrin Olsson

Brenda El Rayes

Christian Ingemann

Cilia Wagén

Dina Isaeus-Berlin

Josefine Östlund

Laleh Kazemi Veisari

Lexi Herman

Lisa Lundgren

Malin Norberg

Mark Frygell

Maxim Belevich

Petronella Petander

Loungen consists and is arranged by Lydia Belevich, Anna Engver and Olivia Pettersson Fleur, student and former students at Konstfack and The Royal Institute Of Art.

Music during the night by Brenda El Rayes