On the Swedish Artists’ Association (SKF)


On the Swedish Artists’ Association (SKF)

KONSTNÄRSHUSET: A unique, open forum for art and culture – past, present and future in the center of  Stockholm.

The Swedish Artists’ Association (SKF)

  • The main owner of Konstnärshuset – a Venetian palace built in 1899
  • Hosts a diverse program of contemporary art exhibitions, lectures, seminars and workshops
  • Runs a showroom of artworks for sale
  • Awards grants to professional artists
  • Conducts member activities
  • Consist today of approximately 850 members, all of whom are professional artists.

SKF’s Vision and Konstnärshuset

  • SKF/Konstnärshuset is a contemporary and professional organization that prioritizes high artistic quality, openness, accessibility and gender equality with regard to both content and reception
  • Is a vibrant meeting place where different worlds and artistic networks are offered an opportunity for exchange and future collaborations
  • People of all genders and ages should always feel welcome here. This is a vision that SKF has espoused ever since its establishment in 1890.

SKF’s Value Principles

SKF’s value principles are based on participation, openness, gender equality, diversity, democracy and the principle of the equality in dignity and rights of all human beings.


The association is headed by a board of directors. All board members are artists and members of SKF.

Board members 2017:

Martin Ålund, chairman
contact: ordforande@konstnarshuset.org
Maria Backman, board member
Ebba Bohlin, board member
Arijana Kajfes, board member
Stefan Uhlinder, board member
Sissel Wibom, board member

Erika Dahlén, deputy member