Olof Thiel


Lilla Galleriet

29 August – 27 September 2015

Olof Thiel | Hut | Konstnärshuset, Lilla Galleriet | 29 August – 27 September 2015

Olof Thiel is an artist and a composer of electronic music. As an artist he explore photography as a medium, its role in the present, and its relationship to other media.

As a photographic artist I work mainly in the documentary genre, that is, I avoid changing the image so much that it becomes distorted up to the point where one can no longer discern the origin. Instead, I try to reinforce the image in all ways possible in the processing phase so that my original vision of the subject becomes visible.
Olof Thiel

A clear thread of experimentation and ever-ongoing building activity runs through Thiel’s entire artistic practice. Thiel’s expression consists often of representations of nature or cityscapes, whereby the photograph indicates a projection of subconscious figures. His photographic approach is akin to that of the documentary – walls, doors, light sources, darkness, houses – everything in the image bears meaning, and the image itself is not defined merely as a solitary entity.

One often refers to CG Jung’s inner house – as a visualization of the psyche. A reverse depiction of sorts is presented here. The inner house reflected in a real house: On the Beach, On the Mountain, In the Forest… as a function of traits of character or perhaps  the habituality (habit = practice / habitat = natural environment) of various psychic formations. This function is expanded here with the interaction between the different houses, such as in the series COUPLE; in the movements in PORTALS; in the various strategies and occurrences in POSITIONS etc.
Olof Thiel

HUT presents 20 digitally processed photographs and an installation. The photographs show small, defined houses appearing to us as prototypes – all that is left of the original building is the basic outer construction – perhaps a materialization of the houses that already exist in all of us.

HUT is a freestanding continuation of KHER (the Romani term for house, lodging) that was presented at Konstnärshuset in 2003.

Olof Thiel lives and works in Stockholm and has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Sweden and abroad. He has collaborated in joint projects with other artists and choreographers, has curated exhibitions and photographed dance, as well as worked with film, architecture, light design and graphic design.


Celia Prado, Artistic Director SKF