Martin Ålund


Stora Galleriet and Lilla Galleriet
March 12 – April 12, 2015

Konstnärshuset/SKF is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Martin Ålund with paintings from his latest suite, Chemistry. In connection with the exhibition there will also be a release of the artist’s new book, Martin Ålund, Chemistry. Designed by Bedow, the book focuses on Martin Ålund’s most recent works, and includes texts by Anders Olofsson, Celia Prado and Jacob Staberg.

Here and there, traces of a lost world still appear – a car, a tree, the contours of a forest – but they soon become lost in a coherent weave of paint and toned down movement that seems to have to do more with matter’s inner components than of traditional landscape painting. Martin Ålund depicts a world that evades an externalizing analysis but instead insists on inner observation. The lens that is directed out towards the infinite expanse of the universe also works in the opposite direction, penetrating the depths of our inner selves. Excerpt from Martin Ålund, Chemistry: Painting as a Lens, by Anders Olofsson.
Everything in the paintings is layer upon layer, a strata of plateaus, where every surface is sanded down and hardened until new details, patterns, and peculiarities emerge. The large eruptions and catastrophes have thus dissolved into the small, where an excess of information is suddenly registered at a micro level. Through the act of “sampling” small peculiarities, motifs and details, inscriptions, a new painterly expression is continuously extracted as a kind of sedimentary accumulation or fold upon fold of overlapping fabric. As I see it, it is as though the staffage painting of the late Renaissance and Baroque eras has dissolved, liberating every detail from the code that once subjugated them to the notion of the readable nature’s enormous but finite and reticent puzzle. Excerpt from The Surface and the Image: the truth of painting, by Jakob Staberg.
Towards me wind with words
Among them stand still
Excerpt from Salt, by Celia Prado

Since receiving his MFA from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 1991, Martin Ålund has exhibited frequently both in Sweden and internationally. Among his recent exhibitions include solo shows at Peter Bergman Gallery and the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm.


Celia Prado, curator/artistic director SKF

ARTIST-TALK | Thursday, 19 March, 6–8 pm | Konstnärshuset/SKF
With Anders Olofsson (moderator), Celia Prado, Jakob
Staberg and Martin Ålund