Lois Patiño

Perto (Near)

January 30th – February 28th

El domingo 28 de febrero de las 14 a las 14.45h:
Visita guiada en castellano de la exposición de Lois Patiño Perto /Nära.
La visita será guiada por Miguel Cobos Gil.
La entrada es gratis.

Konstnärshuset/SKF is proud to announce the filmmaker and video artist Lois Patiño in his first solo exhibition in Scandinavia – a site-specific presentation in the Stora Galleriet.

Patiño, born 1983 in Vigo (Spain) has participated, among other events, in the 2013 Locarno International Film Festival (Switzerland), where he was awarded the prize for best emerging director. His films have also been screened at the European Festival in Seville (Spain), at Rotterdam’s International Film Festival and the New York Film Festival.

Perto (Near) displays a painterly film triptych comprising the works Night Without Distance, The Image Burns and Mountain in Shadow centering on the themes of man, time, space, nature and culture.

Night Without Distance (2015) is a documentary/fiction film mirroring the topic of borders and the smuggling that took place for centuries across the border between Portugal and Galicia (Spain), and was fundamental for the economical development of both countries, especially in times of crisis.
The Gerês Mountains, dividing the countries, know no borders. The rocky ranges insolently span the state boundaries. And smugglers disregard this separation as well. The rocks, the river and the trees are silent witnesses and provide cover to the smugglers as they wait for nightfall to cross this invisible landmark.
In this film, Patiño uses slow camera sequences and a specific color to emphasize the idea of a timeless landscape conquered by ghosts of an indeterminate past.
People from the area participated as actors, several of whom were actually smugglers in their youth.
Through the narratives that still exist in these places, Night Without Distance offers glimpses of a landscape’s cultural and geographic memories.

The Image Burns (2013), a film that dichotomizes the movement of a fire, analyzing this element’s powerful imagery and its fleeting ephemeral capacity to obliterate existing life forms in a matter of hours.
The soundtrack, breathing along the piece, transports us to a sense of human temporality.

Fire is just accelerated time

Koldo Artieda, Spanish writer

Mountain in Shadow (2012), a documentary film offering the viewer a contemplative look over the vista of a snowy mountain and the skiers’ activities on it.
The vastness of the place contrasts with the minute insignificance of the human figures, which are rendered virtually invisible by the distance, like insects on an animal’s skin, thus transforming a recreational act into something unreal and dream-like.

Celia Prado, Curator

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