Katerina Mistal


The Main Gallery

3 September – 2 October

Konstnärshuset is proud to open its autumn program with Forward, a solo exhibition by the photo and video artist Katerina Mistal. Forward is a site-specifically presented video installation in the main gallery consisting of several video projections with a music soundtrack composed by Martin Küchen.


Forward is a mobile, poetic, and timelessly erased and re-drawn map over man’s physical and emotional ravaging of nature.


Several of Katerina Mistal’s earlier works show a geo-political interest in various situations where socio-political and cultural factors can arise and quickly change the society-sanctioned map. Mistal frequently returns to issues regarding physical and psychic boundaries that convey aspects of identity and recent history from a humanist perspective, where man is always the focal point, regardless of geographical location, origin and living conditions.


The mood in Mistal’s works can be experienced as ambiguous, frustrated and disconcerting, and at times even seductive. It is often played out in a boundaryless, in-between space existing beyond time, where the visualization is rendered in a pictorial idiom that is always open to new modes of interpretation.


The course of events in Forward are seen from an aerial perspective. As a viewer one witnesses a continuum of potential choices, on a journey without beginning or end, where one experiences encounters and separations, only to eventually disappear beyond time and space. The trip takes place in a white and anonymous, deeply carved borderland, where, in their incessant wandering, faceless figures strive to find a common goal.


Katerina Mistal’s works have been presented internationally at, among other venues, the Reykjavik Arts Festival, Iceland; In Transition Russia, Russia; the 7th Berlin Biennale, Germany; the Thessaloniki Photo Festival, Greece; and the Belo Horizonte International Photo Festival in Brazil.


Forward has its Sweden premiere at Konstnärshuset.


Celia Prado curator/artistic director SKF

Thanks to:

Martin Küchen (music)