Karolina Holmlund


Lilla Galleriet
March 19th – April 4th

Karolina Holmlund often works with interactive artistic processes that last for several years. Messages is a text-based project that started in 2012 and is still in progress.

The project consists of reports from an everyday life – short messages, written in small print on brown, modest postcards. The postcards have been sent in anonymous envelopes to 100 recipients once every quarterly since the project’s start.

The work exists in the moment the reader opens his/her letter. The receiver is not expected to answer or otherwise make any concessions in return. Messages highlights  a human being’s/artist’s existence through the recurring messages sent to an involuntary audience. A naked act that signals a desire to be remembered in the midst of all the background noise – to be there.

Holmlund was born in the region of Västerbotten (Northern Sweden) and is based in Stockholm. She has exhibited at, among other venues, Dunkers kulturhus, Västerås Art Museum, the Göteborgs Konsthall and Kulturhuset Stadsteater Stockholm. Holmlund has worked as teacher and Director of Studies at the Gerlesborg School of Fine Art in Stockholm since 2011.

The project’s process from 2012 – 2016 is presented in its entirety at Konstnärshuset/SKF.

Celia Prado, curator