Jörgen Svensson


Opening Thursday 9th of November
between 5.30pm and 8pm

Inauguration at 6pm by Jan Håfström.

Jörgen Svensson will be present.

Many of Jörgen Svensson’s works are project based within a social and political context. He has also been described as a Swedish pioneer in this artistic field.

J. Svensson received much acclaim during his tenure as consultant for the culture minister at the time, Margot Wallström – an assignment he approached as he would an art project, and where his diary notes would later result in the project VI, a multimedia work spanning image, text and music.

One of his many projects that made a considerable impact was Government Dinner, where he invited several high-ranking Swedish government officials to a restaurant in Stockholm to dine with the general public.

Another example is Public Safety; an encounter that Svensson initiated and organized between the International contemporary art scene and the small industrial community of Skoghall in the Swedish province of Värmland.

Parallel to his work with the recurring projects and assignments, Svensson has also continuously painted. Growing up in a Swedish industrial community environment and with a background in an arts and crafts tradition, his painting includes elements reminiscent of the textile art idiom.

J. Svensson often paints with the aid of a syringe. The precise technique creates the illusion of embroidery, but the syringe also bears a deeper meaning for him: many of those with whom he grew up in the small industrial community during the ’60s and ’70s succumbed to drug abuse.

The exhibition at Konstnärshuset centers on Svensson’s painting, which has seldom been shown. Twenty-five years have passed since he last exhibited paintings in Stockholm.

Jörgen Svensson lives and works in Gothenburg. He graduated from the Valand Academy in 1989, and held a professorship at the same school from 1996 to 2002. He later went on to work as professor at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art from 2002 to 2006.

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