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Stora and Lilla Galleriet

October 6 – November 1, 2018

Opening Hours
ons–tors 12-17
fre–sön 12–16

The exhibition HUB2.0

October 6 – November 1, 2018

Konstnärshuset, Stockholm

The HUB2.0 exhibition is a collective point for a variety of multifaceted creative expressions that meet and enrich each other, networks are created, and artists get the chance to reach a wider audience. All participants live and work in Sweden. The exhibition will be a meeting place for both artists, but also for exhibitors and audiences.

Over 300 artists, illustrators and photographers in the project ”Konsten att Delta: Bild&Form ”has been invited to apply for the exhibition. A selection has been made by Celia Prado, artistic director of SKF / Konstnärshuset and Björn Larsson, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, specialising in Photography.

HUB2.0 is a collaboration between the project ”Konsten att Delta: Bild&Form” and SKF / Konstnärshuset. The exhibition is arranged for the second time within the framework of the project.

”Konsten att Delta: Bild&Form” creates opportunities for artists of different backgrounds to connect and access new networks. The project aims partly at facilitating foreign-born visual artists (new arrivals and those who have been for a long time in the country) to enter and become part of the Swedish image and form industry and to allow the regional cultural life to be part of intercultural, international networks, also to highlight the visual artists that are rarely noted.

Konsten att Delta Bild&Form is structured as a ”mentorship program” and is run by the Swedish Artist’ National Association (Konstnärernas Riksorganisation) in collaboration with Svenska Tecknare, Illustratörcentrum, Svenska Fotografers Förbund and KLYS (Artistic and Literary Professionals’ Cooperation Committee). The project is funded by the Postkod Lottery’s Cultural Foundation.

Konsten att Delta is a project where colleagues meet on equal terms, where both parties learn from each other and have mutual exchange of knowledge and experience. You are matched to a colleague who lives nearby, works with similar materials, orientation and questions.

It should not depend on where you live in order to you to continue your artistic work, it is a matter of democracy and freedom of expression. It is important that each artist gets the opportunity to establish himself on their terms and according to their needs. That’s why we will continue our work is in order to spread the project on a national level so artists all around Sweden can be part of this and have access to the tools provided by our platform.

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Welcome to become part of the Art to participate: image and form!


Rascha Ali

Habib Alrai

Anna L Andrén

Ali Ardalan

Amanda Cardell

Thomas Carlsson

László Fehér

Esperanza Guevara

Pia Hedström  

Rabeaa Ibrahim

Juha Joona

Sumiko Kiyohara

Fia Kvissberg

Stuart Mayes

Awni Mohamad

Mika Ohmori

Hasti Radpour

Romina Rebolledo

Claudia Rios

Ida Rödén

Sam Schonzeit


Nasrin Taghizadeh