Hanna Husberg, English

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Hanna Husberg, On Noticing Air

Hanna Husberg

 The Swedish Artist’s Association (SKF) proudly presents a newly produced exhibition by the artist Hanna Husberg. 


Hanna Husberg on On Noticing Air

   I have always been interested in our relationship to the surrounding world. Over time, this interest eventually led to my delving specifically into air and atmosphere.

The air is that which always surrounds us wherever we may be. Due to its invisibility and elusiveness, the air has always been an interesting recurring phenomenon in both science and art.

 Air transgresses boundaries in every imaginable way, and this has, in turn inspired me to engage in cross-disciplinary projects and collaborations.


Human Meteorology, the first of my works that specifically deals with issues concerning air and atmosphere, examines man’s relationship to the weather and our need to tame it through everything from rituals to weather modification.


On Noticing Air is a performative exhibition that offers air a concrete role through its materiality and expressive character. A micro-world of its own, dependent on the specific conditions of the indoor air, undergoing constant transformation over the course of the exhibition period.


So above, so below, as the saying goes – the principles of alchemy and miracles in an eternal cycle. On Noticing Air is a small-scale, artistic research project that reminds us of the necessity of participating in the small if the miracle is to take place.


Hanna Husberg has exhibited at, among other venues, Black Sesame Gallery, Beijing; Galleri Box, Gothenburg; Kunst Haus Wien, Vienna; Nikolaj Kunsthalle, Copenhagen; Rauma Biennale Balticum; CEAAC, Strasbourg; ICI, Berlin; Gulbenkian Next Future Program, Lisbon, and the Maldives Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale.


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Celia Prado, curator, artistic director SKF 


Lilla Galleriet

29 August – 15 Sept 2019


Thurs 29 August at 5-8 pm


31 aug kl 15: Lecture performance 

7 sept kl 15: Lecture performance , diskussion



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