Fredrik Helander

We are happy to present Fredrik Helander’s extensive site-specific solo exhibition Artist Unknown.

Artist Unknown begins when Fredrik Helander purchases a compelling abstract artwork by an unidentified artist at an auction. The artwork was inexpensive due to the missing identity. There was, however, a signature: “OP.” The artwork led Helander to imagine how do we value art and what does identity mean? Who was the artist? How did s/he live and work? How did the artwork come into being?

These unanswered questions led Helander to research into his/her artistic practice, family, friends, education and career. Fredrik recreates a fictional albeit real biography and an artistic scene for OP. S/he was apparently an international modern artist inspired by Cubism, Suprematism, Constructivism and even Realism towards the end of his/her career.

In Artist Unknown we follow OP from birth in Malmö in 1899 until the artist’s disappearance in Moscow in 1937. The exhibition describes OP and displays a retrospective of over forty works in addition to a reenactment of OP’s studio in Stockholm in 1936.

After finishing his degree at Konstfack in 2001, Fredrik Helander has shown in solo and group exhibitions. He has collaborated with artists, designers and architects in several projects and he has also curated exhibitions.

Celia Prado, Artistic Director/Curator SKF

Fredrik Helander

Artist Unknown

Stora Galleriet

March 18 – April 16