Carl Michael von Hausswolff & Michael Esposito, Mattergy, English

Carl Michael von Hausswolff & Michael Esposito, Mattergy, English2019-02-25T14:51:21+00:00


Carl Michael von Hausswolff & Michael Esposito, Mattergy

Carl Michael von Hausswolff & Michael Esposito

6 – 31 March
Stora Galleriet

SKF/Konstnärshuset has the pleasure of presenting MATTERGY, a newly produced collaborative exhibition by the artist and composer Carl Michael von Hausswolff (SE) and researcher Michael Esposito (USA).

MATTERGY is a composed audio-visual work consisting of several site-specific sound recordings from the premises of Konstnärshuset. The material forms the basis of a discussion regarding existing  voices from the other side, spirits, etc. – EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) – but focuses primarily on the fact that the given is perhaps not as self-evident as one would expect.

Other audio recordings from different locations throughout the world including, among others, Mexico, Mallorca, and Croatia, will also be featured in the exhibition.

Electronic Voice Phenomena  (EVP), is an allegedly paranormal phenomenon that can appear on various electronic media such as cassette tapes, minidiscs, computers, etc.

The recordings constitute an attempt at communicating with entities from other dimensions, in a (seemingly) supernatural sense. The phenomenon is said to express itself in the form of voices, whisperings, words or phrases. From the Swedish Wikipedia.

CMVH has previously exhibited at, among other venues, Moderna Museet and Lunds Konsthall, and has participated in international art events and biennials such as those in Venice, Moscow, and Istanbul, as well as Documenta Kassel. He has furthermore published upwards of thirty LPs/CDs.
Michael Esposito is a sound artist and EVP researcher. He has published a multitude of LPs and DVD films with his results. Esposito has also collaborated with a number of other artists such as Leif Elggren, Adi Newton, Scanner and Kevin Drumm.

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Celia Prado, curator, artistic director SKF

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6 – 31 March 2019

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