Bianca Maria Barmen,The Shipwreck

The Swedish Artist’s Association (SKF) proudly presents The Shipwreck, a newly produced exhibition by the artist Bianca Maria Barmen.                      


The Shipwreck consists of a series of two and three-dimensional works as well as a book project, Kuuyas Tongue, that together create a poetic and visually succinct story of calm and silence with a stark sense of presence that captures our imagination.


Bianca Barmens own words regarding The Shipwreck:

                      Above one of Grandmothers sofas, in the winding apartment clad in dark pink silken wallpaper, hung Aunt Annas drawing in a black frame. Anna Reenstierna, Grandmothers aunt who died in 1905 at the age of 22, before Grandmother had even turned four and whom she had never met.

Anna had drawn The Shipwreck at the age of 17; a wild, stormy sea in the light of the moon with waves heaving ominously above the doomed ships.

Grandma had told me that Anna had died of galloping consumption. Galloping consumptionThen it struck me: Is this an image of the disease? An image of that which was wreaking havoc inside Annas chest and taking her life in the process?

It is a horrifying image, and yet, I love it. I suppose she must have copied the work of an old master, but I have never been able to find out which one.

 Following the raging storm in the image, I imagine there being a period of calm. I envision a woman alone on a beach: observing, searching, gathering. And I let her take shape.


Since graduating from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in 1992, Bianca Maria Barmen has exhibited both nationally and internationally at, among other venues, Galleri Hammarén, Göteborg 2019; Tulipán Köz Project, Sopron (Hungary), 2018; Carl Eldhs Ateljémuseum 2016 and Tomelilla Konsthall 2016.                                                                                

Her works are represented at, among other places, Moderna Museet, Public Art Agency Sweden, Göteborgs Konstmuseum and Ny Carlsberg fonden-DK.


Celia Prado, curator/artistic director SKF                          

Bianca Maria Barmen

The Shipwreck

13 February – 8 March

Stora Galleriet



Thurs 13 Feb 5-8pm



Wed-Thurs 12-5pm
Fri-Sun 12-4pm


Bianca Maria Barmen shows her exhibition
Sat 7th March at 2pm