Arijana Kajfes


Stora Galleriet
March 19th – April 24th

Arijana Kajfes was born in Croatia and has her base in Sweden. In her work as an artist, Kajfes often seeks out processes that approach the ineffable – where nothing allows itself to be categorized or defined by a given language. These processes can thus present unforeseen paths to understanding.

Unseen is a sound, video and text installation, based on a the wandering of a blind man through a desert. His reflections turn the viewer’s gaze inwards, and outlook becomes insight.

Arijana Kajfes has exhibited at, among other venues, Kalmar Art Museum, Ars Electronica, Kiasma, and Centre Pompidou. She has also initiated an organization for artistic exchange, EXP (Experiments in Cross-Cultural Practices) between Sweden and Mali, where she resides on a regular basis.

An earlier version of Unseen was shown at the La Médina gallery in Bamako, Mali in 2012. The installation at Konstnärshuset will mark the Sweden premiere for the piece in its updated form.

Celia Prado, curator


Amadou N’Diayé: the wanderer (voice)
Niklas Billström: sound design
Fatoumata Diabaté: documentation (photo)
Oumou Sankaré: documentation (video)
Momo Diakité: coordinator in Mali
Postproduction: Daniel Westlund (video) and Niklas Billström (sound)




Thanks to:
Galerie Médina i Bamako, Ricky Johansson, Filippa v Krusenstjerna, Eva-Lotta Holm Flach, Olof Sanddahl, Dan Lageryd, Einar Ljungström, Ebba Matz and Celia Prado.