Anna Ridderstad


The Small Gallery
3 – 18 September

Cleansing by Anna Ridderstad is a newly produced exhibition featuring photography, film and objects. Ridderstad’s works are often site-specific and very physical in character. The starting point for Cleansing is the Small Gallery at Konstnärshuset – a white room on the third floor of the historically charged building. The film sequences include, among other things, images from one of Stockholm’s sewage plants.

Cleansing aims at presenting various approaches to cleanliness, and our longing for a clean body and soul. The exhibition also reflects on the notion of water as a bearer of hygienic ideals.

Cleansing examines man’s obsession with the pure. Furthermore, the exhibition reflects upon boundary transgressing ideals such as the strive for perfection, and the notion of “a sound mind in a sound body/mens sana in corpore sano” (Decimus Junius Juvenalis, writer, Rome, ca.130 A.D.).

Notions regarding the possibility of achieving a sound mind in a sound body are just as prominent today as they have ever been, regardless of the extent that rituals and expressions have changed over the millennia. A recurring theme in Cleansing is man’s attempt at controlling the surrounding world with the aid of demarcations paired with a longing for wholeness. But no man is one-dimensional – it is in the disheveled and the dirty that life abounds.

Born in 1976, Anna Ridderstad has been active in the artist-run scene since graduating from the Konstfack School of Arts, Crafts and Design in 2006. Among other things, she has managed the project “Another Order” at Konsthall C, and has had solo exhibitions at Konstepidemin and Galleri 54 in Gothenburg.

Cleansing at Konstnärshuset/SKF is Anna Ridderstad’s first solo exhibition in Stockholm.


Celia Prado curator/artistic director SKF