Anders Widoff, I Am You, When I Am Me







The Swedish Artist’s Association (SKF) proudly presents I Am You, When I Am Me, an exhibition by Anders Widoff.
Widoff works in an alternating manner between painting and sculpture, at times juxtaposed in an intimate dialogue with the location. His point of departure often consists of simple, neglected and seemingly unimportant items that he uses as a means of, time and time again, re-establishing their value. As well as our gaze.
Anders Widoff on the exhibition:
During an artist residency in Paris in 2018, I began summarizing each day in a painting, a color. This became a method by which I could connect with the city. Over time, the days increased in number, as did the colors. A large selection of these works is now presented here in the form of a score. A time sequence. Around the same time, I also began creating a number of unassuming sculptures, or proposals, using materials provided to me (as a gift?) by the streets and my surroundings — a work method I have made use of previously. Their form and composition are based on, or recall in some sense, the basic structure of the city. Its modus, perhaps? And its artless authenticity? Several of the sculptures include stanzas from the poems of Paul Celan. Both the paintings and the sculptures constitute an attempt at reclaiming a language — as well as a sense of trust. Here, the image and the form start over, deliberately pacing their way forward.
Lies nicht mehr – schau!
Schau nicht mehr – geh! 
Anders Widoff has exhibited both nationally and internationally since the late ’70s. In Sweden, he has had solo exhibitions at, among other venues, Moderna Museet and Liljevalchs Konsthall in Stockholm, and abroad at, Wiener Secession and Overbeck-Gesellschaft in Lübeck. He has also held a professorship at both the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm and at the Oslo Academy of Fine Art. 
Running parallel to this exhibition, Anders Widoff will also have a solo show at Björkholmen Gallery, opening on 16 November.
Celia Prado, curator/artistic director SKF                                                                                             

 I Am You, When I Am Me

Stora Galleriet

7 November – 1 December


Thursday 7 Nov at 5-8pm

Opening Hours:

Wed-Thurs 12-5pm
Fri-Sun 12-4pm