Aleksandra Stratimirović

Vänta, jag måste tänka
Wait, Let Me Think

 31 January – 1 March 2015

Konstnärshuset/SKF has the pleasure to present Aleksandra Stratimirović’s first soloexhibition in Sweden.

Vänta, jag måste tänka (Wait, Let MeThink) is a furtherdevelopment of her series “My Light Future”. The piece is based on interviews with European children about life, their immediate environment and the future. “My LightFuture” was initiated by the Swedish Institute in 2010 and has since toured venues in Belgrade, Mostar, Bologna, Tirana and Ljubljana.“My Light Future” is on display in the Large Gallery in collaboration with Anoda, a youthproject run by the Dalarna County Council together with Avesta Artand Film. The texts in the installation are excerpts from recordings made in preschools in Dalarna. Following the exhibition at Konstnärshuset, the project will continue to, among other places, Leksand, Smedjebacken and Avesta. An animated version of “My Light Future” is projected in the foyer just outside the large hall. In “Cloud Gazing”, the children’s thoughts are depicted in the form of small clouds in a clear blue sky.

On display in the Small Gallery is an installation with material from the newbook “You Say Light – I Think Shadow”, a collaboration between Aleksandra Stratimirović and Sandra Praun. With the exhibition Vänta, jag måste tänka, Aleksandra Stratimirovićopens doors to worlds that exist parallel to our everyday lives. The difficult appears simple as we journey through Aleksandra’s various narrative landscapes of light and dark.

Aleksandra’s navigator voices: Happy? That’s quite a difficult question. Wait, let me think. Can’t come up with anything…Irest my eyes on the pillow…The moon is shining brightly. I don’twant to be where thepearls are. My favourite colour is rainbow. My hero looks like you. Look at yourself in themirror, you’re upside-down…Aleksandra Stratimirovićis a Serbian-Swedish artist living in Stockholm. She works withvisual images, text-based works and sound installations in the public space. Her projectsare represented both in Sweden and abroad, most recently in “Northern Lights”–amonumental light work–at Jardin du Palais Royal in Paris (2014). In Sweden,Aleksandra’s public commissions can be seen at, among other places, Årstadal, the LundUniversity Hospital, the Karolinska University Hospital and the County Administrative Courtin Stockholm.Aleksandra Stratimirovićis an active member of the group ”SHOMEI-TANTEIDAN”(Lighting Detectives), an International organisation founded by light designers in 1999 inTokyo. Their aim is to conduct research on lighting and light environments and to promotelight culture.Welcome!Celia Prado, curator/artistic director SKF