Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena

Nanas (Lullabies)

Stora Galleriet
24 April – 24 May 2015

Konstnärshuset/SKF is proud to present JP Fabra Guemberena’s (Uruguay – Sweden) solo exhibition Nanas (Lullabies) in Stora Galleriet (the main gallery), and for the first time in Sweden. Fabra Guemberena works with video, photography and object-based installations.

The exhibition Nanas (Lullabies) is a child’s fragmentary family memory of exile, democracy, play, and singing that seeks to convey an autobiographical landscape of being a child in the politically turbulent South America of the 1970s and also of growing up in part in another country. A tender, bitter-sweet tangle of experiences that have become the central thread in Juan-Pedro’s artistic weave of work over the years and especially central to the piece Nanas (Lullabies).

Juan-Pedro’s own words regarding Nanas (Lullabies):

My mother sang to me as a child. The songs functioned as a bridge of sorts between two worlds and possessed a ritual dimension. The power to conjure forth a place and, for a short moment, even give the impression that the exile had been lifted. The songs operate on several levels: the voices offer a consoling effect, while, at the same time, the lyrics are both powerful and frightening. My mother made no distinction between political protest songs and children’s melodies when lulling me to sleep. As the adult person I am today, I can listen to the stories in the lyrics, and can now succeed in creating a historic context that can also point to the present.

After receiving his MFA from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 2002, JP Fabra Guemberena has exhibited both in Sweden and internationally at, among other venues, the Venice Biennale, the Marta Herford Museum in Germany, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, the Momentum Biennial in Moss, Norway, and the Biennale of the Americas in Denver, USA.

Fabra is represented in the Moderna Museet collection, at Samlung Goetz in Munich, and at the Wanås Foundation. The artist lives and works in both Berlin and Stockholm.

Vernissage from 6 to 22 pm


Celia Prado, Curator/Artistic Director SKF