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Cecilia Parsberg, EMOH

Until Death_Cecilia Parsberg pa Konstnarshuset 2018
EMOH_Cecilia Parsberg pa Konstnarshuset 2018
EMOH_Cecilia Parsberg pa Konstnarshuset 2018
EMOH_Cecilia Parsberg pa Konstnarshuset 2018
Cecilia Parsberg pa Konstnarshuset 2018

SKF/Konstnärshuset proudly presents EMOH, a newly produced exhibition by Cecilia Parsberg.

EMOH consists of a series of photographic images and is a selection of Parsberg’s work over the course of the past seventeen years that have previously never been shown. This is the artist’s first non-conceptual exhibition in twenty years.

Cecilia Parsberg’s art is often formulated around the existential, political and aesthetic; on that which can induce silent agreements regarding the images we share when living under similar conditions. Of both the outer and inner, mirrored and twisted realities and implications of a word such as EMOH | HOME.

Parsberg describes it as follows:

…I walk through The House; chapter after chapter, room after room, hallway after hallway. Ceilings and walls are caving in inside the building. Because something must be visualized using other means.

The House is a structure where lives are lived and arranged. Or is it life – living – that limits the activities and gives rise to the House? Lives that have been separated – by an imagined structure – can also be connected – by a lived structure – but not without hope of something else.

Cecilia Parsberg holds a PhD in Fine Arts in Visual Arts from Lund University and is Senior Lecturer in Visual Arts with an emphasis on Visual Arts Education at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Artistic Studies, Karlstad University. In 1999-2002, she was Professor in Residence at the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå University, and at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg.

Parsberg’s artistic practice spans between research projects and exhibitions in a variety of contexts. Her art has been shown at, among other venues,Tate Gallery in London, Moderna Museet, Nationalmuseum and Magasin 3 in Stockholm.

For more information:

Celia Prado, artistic director/curator SKF

Stora Galleriet

19 April–13 May

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