Filmstill from the short film Hearthstone (2018, 9 min) by Nils Agdler & Fröydi Laszlo
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A man sets off for a mountain expedition in search for a special stone, the Heartstone. It has been asleep in the river for thousands of years. Like a defibrillator he slowly awakens the stone by the movement of his footsteps. When the man finds his beloved Heartstone, he first caresses it with a gentle hand and then ties it up, dragging it through water, moss and mud. Through an inner voice, the Heartstone tries to communicate it’s ambivalent feelings of being treated this way.

How is the longing for love expressed, in works of art and when becoming one half of a couple?
How does feelings, dreams and inspiration, conscious- and unconsciously, flow through the now connected bodies?
And how close is it possible to be to the vision of love?

Even if a dream or emotion is expressed, the receiving part will always have to make a translation and connect the message to his or her own experience.

The spoken words are inspired by the writings of T.S. Elliot (the poem "The Waste Land" in particular) and dedicated to his first wife, Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliot.

Produced by Nils Agdler & Fröydi Laszlo for the solo show at Ahlbergshallen in Östersund, Sweden, November 2018.

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