#2 from the series Men with large backpacks (2018)
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Media Attributes

Size: 74x86 cm. Men with large backpacks is an ongoing series of photographs, where men in various ages are carrying large backpacks. They are constantly moving, depicted in profile or from behind, in anonymous and generic cityscapes. I am trying to open up for different perspectives on the backpack as metaphor. The men in the pictures can express joy and determination, and at the same time look burdened and lost. I put together elements from different photographs into one picture, wanting them to look like something in between drawings and photographs. The pictures are printed on matte ink-jet paper and mounted on wood frames with glass. Two of them were shown at Ahlberghallen in Östersund in 2018 and one of them at ”Mitt-Salong” in 2019, also in Östersund.

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